Thursday, 10 May 2007

Module Review

Age? 19

Sex? Female

What is your degree subject (both if joint)? Social welfare law and social policy

Does ‘Being Bad’ relate well to the other modules you are taking? yes

If so, how? And if not, why not? Social policy is centred aroud notifying trends in society, in order to adress social needs and put in place a welfare that works in adressing this, which is reflected in policy. "being bad", helped to identify these trend, within modern society and consider solutions.

Have you found ‘Being Bad’ too demanding, too easy, or at an appropriate level? Appropriate level

Do you think the list of topics covered on the module was appropriate?Yes appropite in realtion to society

Are there any topics not included in the module that you would like to see included? Sexuality (gays, lesbians)

Do you think that the format for classes has worked well? Very well

What did you think of the module team? Very helpful, commited and passionate which was reflected in the delivery of there lecture.

Do you think it would have been better to have had more:
Small group discussions? Yes
Discussion and debate among the class as a whole? No, too big a class for that; and not everyone would be heard.
Information and talk from lecturers?No

The approach taken in the module is interdisciplinary (drawing on perspectives from English Literature, Film Studies, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Media Studies and Politics): do you think this a useful way of approaching the topics covered in the module? Yes, as it intoduced differen perspective's and approach of looking at the topic area from an academic stance.

Do you think that interdisciplinary modules are a good idea? Yes

Do you think you have benefited from the interdisciplinary approach taken in the module? Yes

Would you like to see more modules that cover this kind of subject matter? Yes

Are you planning to take the follow-up module PH2004 ‘It Shouldn’t Be Allowed’ at level 2? Undecided as yet
Would you recommend ‘Being Bad’ to a friend?of course, as being bad is not theori, as its is based on real issues; reality.
Do you think that the blogs (web logs) were a good idea?Yes, a good substitute to academic writting.

What did you think of the other assessments (e.g. would it be better to have one longer assessment rather than two shorter ones?)? I would of prefered a longer assignment, which would of allowed a detailed anayses and point of view of that particular topic.
What have you learned from the module?

What parts of the module have you found most useful and why? N/A

What parts do you think were a waste of time and why?N/A

Are there any other comments you wish to make regarding ‘Being Bad’? Please continue in allowing this course to run.

Gun Crime

Gun crime is becoming very frequent within are society, which is often reflected in the media. The nature of gun crime in itself is bad, no matter what the motive or reason for doing so. I dont think it can be justifided or corrected once conducted. Gun crime is becoming very common amongsts youths, but what influences them is another question? I believe it is due to the influences such as: videos, computure games, music, peer presure and life style. I find it hard to believe that one would set out with the intention, of ending another persons life. I know sometimes it is acceptable to take the law into your own hards, in order to address an occuring problem; but to kill someone is going too far. In order for gun crime to stop, I believe the government need to get more actively involved. If they put place measures to stop the distrubution on guns getting to the streets, than maybe we would witness a fall.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Bullies are most definatly the ones who have the problem with themsleves; but rather than deal with this independly, they result in taking there anger and frustration out on other peoples. The motive behind it, I feel is to make one feel better about themselves as a means of making someone else suffer. However it can be said that bullies dont just act out of there own interst and motive, but also for the benefit of others. Those that continuasly bully are often the ones, who believe they have a reputation to up hold. For some reason Bullies, are frequently respected and feared; which I believe results in people, being less likely to stand up to them and question there behaviour. The conduct of bullying, can be classed as a form of intimidation, control and the projection of ones feeling on to another. Also there are different types of bullying techniques: such as physical and emotional means.

Monday, 7 May 2007


Personally, I don’t think swearing is acceptable. However I have used swear words on a very few occasions, although not in public. I find such words, insulting, rude and unnecessary. There are so many ways in which one can express themselves, using words that are appropriate and not degrading. I think it’s fair to say that, the way in which the word is used, determines the way in which it is read. For those who choose to swear, I feel that there is a time when such words should not be exercised. However those who direct such words towards somebody else, should consider those at the receiving end; as some may find it insulting. Why not just say what we mean using proper English words, which everybody understands, both in its context and literal meaning, rather than by other means.

Comments on other blogs

Sharni said...
I agree with what your saying, although i dont believe religion is a mad thing. In some aspects its good, as most types of religion keep people grounded and believing not just in their faith, but also themselves. Although im not religious, im a believer in god. But i too most definatly hate when religion is pushed on to you, as the decision to adapt a religion should soley depend on the individual. Do i believe in religion or science? Im undecided, is impossible to believ in both.05 May 2007 07:45

Sharni said...
You have made some very honest points, in my opinion. The drug industry is a major money making industry, but then why would it not be. Like Lee clearly stated, where there is a high demand there is always money to be made. However I would like to note, that drug dealing shouldn’t be promoted. Why should we allow such service to be conduced with society, when we should really be helping those people and not encouraging it? If drug dealing stopped on the streets, then maybe addicts would more likely go about seeking help. It’s true that drug dealing pays well, but let’s be honest if u add up the amount of hours you have to stay on the streets to get that £10, you might as well have a job; and those who make a lot on a daily basis crnt exactly do anything constructive with it. In my opinion, it’s not worth it; you either end up behind bars, looking over your shoulder the rest of your life or unfortunately on your own supply. The majority of people in my area are dealers and mainly because they want to work for themselves or someone they respect and look up to. However drug dealers are not bad people, there just out for making money like everyone else, by a different means….

Sharni said...
I share the same frame of mind, about swearing. However I think it’s fair to say, those that do swear are often the ones who’s household, allows such words to be exercised. And now within today’s society, it’s not just to be used in the presence of ones home, but also in school and society… It’s true, there are more appropriate words to use, but when one only knows how to do so using swear words, what do you expect. I can recall the days when parents would threaten to wash your mouth out with soap and water for “swearing”, now it’s a common expectation... Where have the boundaries gone? We best not go any furthers………….One may argue its there freedom of expression and we wouldn’t want to violate anyone’s human rights now.
02 May 2007 16:37

Sharni said...
I totally agree with Adonis and where hes took his point of view from. I was also disaplined through out my childhood and as a result have come to learn that every action causes a reaction. As my mum always says "only you are responsible for what you do and nobody else". Adonis's refrence to the notion of fear from a parent, is also correct; it puts forth an authority figure whos job is to correct their childs behaviour. "Learning starts within the home", correcting behaviour within the home will lead to good conduct outside, in a social environment. "Learn to dance a yard before you dance abroad", a Jamaican saying which means the primaray place for learning and correction has to take place in the home in order to conduct themselves in a fashionable manner within society.
02 May 2007 14:17

Sharni said...
I understand where you are coming from, but I still regard self- harm as an act of attention. You stated that those who do so, are trying to say something is wrong. But isn’t it best to verbally tell someone, rather than physically harm yourself. I cannot see how self- harm, can be a means of making yourself feel better, when you have not confronted the problem. My old high school friend use to do this and I put it down to attention seeking; as she would often tell and show everybody what she had done to herself. She got people’s attention and sympathy, and soon became centre of attention. Self- harm is dangerous and irresponsible and a cry for attention. If you are not willing to help yourself face your problems, then how can others help you?
02 May 2007 17:00

Saturday, 5 May 2007


Comedy is a means of providing others with laughter, towards jokes that one finds funny or amusing. However the way in which these comedians do so, varies in regards to there individual approach and tack ticks. It is important to notify that what one person may find funny, can be offensive to someone else. The topic in which comedians choose to joke about is widely opend. I think it’s fair to say that, this platform allows people, to poke fun at subjects that are considered taboo in society. What one may be scared to make fun of in society, is allowed to be joked about by comedians. I do strongly feel that comedians often joke about things that are of commen interest to themselves, rather than the interest of the audience. Some people may view there jokes as sexist or racist. However I do believe that comedians don’t intend to cause offence, but in order to make people laugh thay say what everybody least exspects.

Friday, 4 May 2007


I view racism as a mad thing, which leads to segregation and is often driven by ignorance. Although racism is not as evident, as it was in the past, it still unfortunately exists. However I think it fair to say that from identifying people based on ones colour or heritage, follows the assumptions in which one categorises these people. When will the world become a place, where we start looking beyond ones colour and towards acceptance? Where do these influences come from? I think it’s fair to say that the media is the most influential source, which portrays a negative view of people from particular races. Many people still experience verbal and physical abuse as a result of there colour. I find it amusing that people, who chose to be racist towards others, don’t hesitate in experiencing some aspects of those different cultures, such as: an Indian takeaway and going on Caribbean cruises.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Bad Manners

If its one thing I cannot stand, its bad manners. I find it very rude, when one chooses not to treat people with respect. I believe those that have good manners and choose to exercise this, are the ones whose parents taught and reinforced them to be manners able. If one doesn’t knows how to use manners towards other people, then how can we have an expectation? Such learning I believe should starts within the home, with parents setting the example, to which one should follow. The recent proposal to introduce manners as a core taught subject in school, I feel is needed. I think it’s important that we use manners and are able to respond appropriately. In my view the term manners, means the same as respect, consideratation and acting in a sensable manner. However others may view manners as a means of pleasing other people. But I think it’s fair to say, that manner’s gets you far in life. “Treat people the way you would like to be treated and in turn you will get the same treatment back”. Wouldn’t you be happy, knowing that your mannerisms have pleased other people too?

Monday, 30 April 2007


I don’t believe smacking is wrong; as I consider it as nothing more than a form of discipline and reinforcement. Those who choose to smack their children, I feel do so as a means of correcting behaviour and ones conduct, as well as making one know what is acceptable and what is not. However I don’t condone extensive smacking such as beating. How are we to teach children boundaries, without awaring them of the consequences which there actions may bring. Therfore if one crosses these boundaries, then I think they need to be disciplined as a way of correction: in this instance done so by the poer of the "hand". "Every action, provokes a reaction". Smacking is a way of managing children’s behaviour, and making them think about what they are doing and if its right, before actually doing it to later find out.

Sunday, 29 April 2007


This 1995 film is about a day in the life of a group of young teens. Although the film is centred on a boy called Telly, who has an obssestion with sex and enjoys taking girl’s virginity. Telly’s actions are soon to affect one of his virgin girls, when she contracts the diseased HIV. The movie provides a scope, into the life of young teenagers growing up in today’s society, but from an unexpected angle. This movie sheds light on related teenage issues such as sex, drugs and peer pressure. I found the film very disturbing to watch, as although it was not explicit, the actions and behaviour of the teengers, acting like real teenagers was enough to make me feel uncomfortable. I believe this film should be aimed at parents to aware them of the kinds of things children can get up to behind close doors. There have been many critisisms about the film, which vary in its review. However, one critic stated that “Kids" is the kind of movie that needs to be talked about afterward", to which I strongly agree.

Friday, 27 April 2007


This is one topic; I can make a stance and say I actually object to. Only in rape situations should this be an exception. I don’t believe that life should be taken away that easy, and yes it may only be a foetus but to me it’s a life…Ive always made my views known, but then the decision lies soley on them. I wouldn’t judge a person for having one, but i dont think it can be justifiable. Im just saying you'll never catch me having one!!! Life is a gift, a gift you are fortunate to have been given; so why would you want to make the decision and end someone elses. I think people need to start tacking responsibilities for there action, and consider the consequences that actions might bring. Abortion is a sin, “it’s the sin I hate, not the sinner”.

Thursday, 26 April 2007


Im glad to be born in a place such as britain, that is populated by a vast number of people who have different religions and beliefs. British Society has exposed me to identify the differnent religions people choose to adapt across the world. Having attended a multi-cultural primary and high school, i have come to respect the religion of people that differ in regards to others. Ive learnt the morals, values and beliefs behind many of them. I wouldnt class myself as religious, however when i was younger i had no option but to attend church every sunday. I would like to believe some day I will give myslef to god, but right now i know im not ready to fully commit. I would like to just say, to everyone out there: "do not to be scare of anything thats different", everybody is in there own unique way. I believe religion, aims to acknowedge the differences that people share as a unified group.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007


This is another dangerous habbit that I feel is becoming very common in society. Although I believe that, the types of people who endure in such habbit has vastly changed, of which is reflected in the media. I have nothing against drug users, as long as its done out of sight and dosent pose a risk to anybody else. Where I live, its very common to pass a drug addict when going about your daily business. I dont paint them all with the same brush, but it not attractive seeing them around, they make the place look un-tidy. If you would of asked me a while back, my perspective of drug addict, i would of called them all waisters who have no purpose to life. However having a relative who is a drug addict has changed this. Not all druggies, become addicts by choice! My relative became an addict due to his dealing in drugs, the saying goes "in order to sell a product, youve got to know what your selling", unfortunatly for him hes now a life depender on drugs. But i love him for who he is, hes still human. I wouldnt condone individuals to exsperiment with drugs, as some exsperiences turns into life long habbits, and a drug habbit is another serious health risk.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007


I feel alcohol abuse is the biggest problem in britain, that needs tackling before its too late. The traditional pint, has been over exercised into a frequent must have habbit. As the older generation continue to indulge in this habbit, teenagers are exsperimenting with Alcohol at a young age. But whos to blame? Ones only got to pass a pub, bar or lounge to observe the number of drinkers; no dout there behaviour would allert you of there presence. It seems that in this day-en age special celebration such as parties or get togethers, has to involve the distribution of alcohol, to assist the occation. Im what you call a very occasional drinker, i know my limits. What drives people to drink is a varied factor, but I feel first hand exsperience is often done within a crowd and conducted out of interest and a means of experimenting. Like smoking, its now seen as a good social factor. Alcohol is another health risk, when used excessivly. Is the bottom of the glass or bottle, that exciting..

Monday, 23 April 2007


Well lets be honest, nearly everbody is guilty of telling a white lie....But why do we do it?I believe it done to avoid hurting peoples feelings and as a means of getting yourself out of doing something you really dont want to do and also just to sound interesting. Ive lied to a number of people, but for different reasons. But the lies I tell I consider to be white lies. I think many people also do this, to avoid confruntation, to get themselves out of a sticky situation and in order to get a reaction from a particular person. I can not understand whythose that lie repeatably do so; I carnt stand it. I can take the occasional little lies that arent such a great deal, but lies that lead to distruction are un-necessary. However having said this, id like people to be honest towards me. Yes the truth hurts, but if its the truth let it be told. Youve got to be cruel to be kind.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Body Modification

The lecture held on body modification, opened my eyes up to the different approaches and ways in which one tries to alter there apperance that counts as a form of body modification. Therfore I think its right to conclude, that everybody has modified there appearance in some way. However the way in which one goes about modifying there bodies, plays a more importanct factor in the way in which we catogarise these people. Anything that isnt naturally present or grown, is a form of modification. changes such as wearing high shoes to appear taller, to having intense tatoo's; is an example of the vastly different extents to which one modifies there body. In relation there are three types of modification: Non invasive, Invasive and perminant and temporary decoration. I am guilty of all three types, although I do object to some kinds of invasive modification; that i wouldnt consider doing to myself. Im all for modifying ourselves, but I object to exstensive body modification.

Thursday, 22 March 2007


The history of masturbation goes back along way; along with the myths that protrays a negative consequence, to those who take part in such an act. However times have changed in regards to the useage of its term, conduct, means and view's. It is now accepted to be known to be pleasurable. Masturbation today isnt just an individual act, as those in a relationship do so together for various reasons. I feel masturbation is still a topic many wouldnt like to discuss, as it is a personal exsperience that dosent need to be shared. However masturbation is becoming very common; but whether one would class it as so, raises question. I do feel that masturbation should be conducted within the presence of your own home; bearing in mine ones hygien. Masturbation does have its own health risks as well as benefits. The obsesive use of masturbating, to me implies psycological problems. I feel masturbation is down to personal prefrence, its not wrong, but others may view it as morally wrong; such as those who are religious. Although I suppose ones view may be varied on this topic, depending on the way one wished to masturbate(how). Societies acceptance of this occuring activity, may be the reason many now masturbate, without feeling guilty or abnormal.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007


Adultery is simply the occurance of sexual intercourse by a married individual, with a person other than his lawful spouse. I find it hard to take a total stance on this, having read the stories about adultery from both sides. However if I were married, id like to believe the only person who can forfill my husbands needs; is me; im not one to share what is lawfully mine. Adultry can be seen as a means of filling the gaps within a marriage without having to make a compromise or decision. Therfore seeking a different sexual quality in secret, without having to hurt the one they love. On the other hand, from another aspect adultery may be summed up as being disceving, selfish and digrading. However I sympathise with those at the receiving end; who have stayed true to their vowels. The effects of adultrey can cause family break downs and be emotionally straining. So why do people do this? The lies and diseet are factors that make its conduct bad, rather than the action (sex). I’ve witnessed a marriage break down due to this. But it was just one of many other factors. When you’re from the outside looking in, what one sees maybe not be what it seems? It is for this reason I don’t totally object. I have come to the conclusion that, the increase in its occurance within society, is due to the drive towards quality sex. Times have change, which I believe is reflected in our behaviour.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Is it morally wrong? Is it morally wrong? I believe prostitution is justifiable, but wouldnt go to the exstent of condoning it. Many of us have hobbies, interest and personal prefrence, which is reflected in the things we do each day. Just because we dont indulge in an act that we would not personally conduct ourselves, dosent mean its wrong. If one wishes to abuse their body and exploit their asset’s; to make money, then who are we to judge. However I believe my body is my temple and wouldnt dream of seeling my body to make some quick change. I would only give my body to that special someone that has respect for me, like I have for myself. In relation, the question really lies down to discovering the facts of why? Is it: personal prefrence, lack of self-worth, personal problems (mental, drug addict), last resort or just because it may be seen to pay well. I would like to believe that these individuals do so not by choice, but because they have to take drastic means, to survi. However on the other hand, why do men wish to take advantage of women's bodies? Can you really put a price on us? Or is it just that men, dont see us women as beautiful human beings, whos usage stems far beyond what we can do in the bedroom. The men, who pay for such act, deserve questioning as much as those who provide the service. Im just worried that prostitutes may exsperience abuse under such agreed service, that people may be less sympathetic to believe and understand. I know a friend whos mum was a prostitue, but has changed her life for the better. I hope many others do too. If you would have asked me what I think of prostitutes before now, I would only provide a harsh negative comment, but knowing someone who was, has changed my point of view. I don’t condone its conduct, but carnt help but stop and wounder why; simply because I wouldn’t. From being presented with the reasons why, then should one judge.

Monday, 19 March 2007


Smoking is nothing more than a very nasty habbit, and those who smoke need to address this. I find it very hard to understand the motive behind it, when one knows the concequences are much greater than the benefits. But who am I to judge, I have not smoked before nor will I in the future. Im glad the ban has been introduced, as I wave in favour of there concerns; why should people like me inhale the smoke of those who don’t care about there own health. Smoking is an option and those that don’t smoke didn’t choose to. Inhaling smoke from those that do, might as well give us a cigarett so we can join them. I feel that smoker’s first exsperience is steamed from factors such as: social peers, reblious and interest. There are different categories of tobacco smokers, but my concerns lie with those that regularyly smoke; one needs a wake up call in regards to the effect its having on there body’s. I hope the whole notion of smoking being seen as “cool or stylish” dies out.

Friday, 16 February 2007


I think stalking becomes just that, when an interest in someone turns into an obsession. Where one goes out of there way, to find out who they are, what they do and why; as a means of becoming armed with enough information, to build a profile of that particular person. Stalking stems from personal interst,but in turn results to feeding ones imagination. Which leads to recourring fantasies about a person, they have a particular like for, for what ever reason. When one devotes there time and energy over observing about a person frequently, is what i consider stalking.

Thursday, 15 February 2007


Is shoplifting any differnet to any other kind of theft? I believe that shoplifting is the same as any other kind of theft, but only when it dosent involve forceful physical measures, inflicted on another person; in approach to gaining someone elses property. However the value of shoplifting items is not that great compared to other thefts. You are restricted to how much you can gain from one shop, as it takes place in opening hours. Why do people who can afford to by things shoplift them instead? I feel that those who can afford to buy the things that they shoplift do so, due to being presented with a window of opportunity. “Why pay for a product, when a chance to take something, without paying is likely to weigh in your favour”. The action of theft can only be carried out, due to the neglection of the shops actions to prevent such opportunity. Theft is a wrongful act which is expressed in law, but the opportunity of theft should be adressed, to prevent such act in the first instance. In order to tackle this, it has to been done barring in mind both the responsibility of the shop, and those that choose to shoplift. I have never shoplifted, personally because I like the feeling, that my own money bought the clothes on my back. However some of my friends have shoplifted purely because they new they could get away with it.